What is the Georgia Film Academy?

Professional Training in the
Crafts of Filmmaking!

The film industry in Georgia is booming – currently ranked third in the nation and fifth in the World for number of productions (behind only Hollywood and New York). Industry growth over the next 3-5 years is projected to generate 3,000 - 5,000 new jobs in Georgia, most of which are on the set. The average earnings in these jobs are $84,000 a year.

However, getting into the industry is not easy. On-set film workers need a very specific set of skills attained by working on industry-standard equipment as well as experience on professional productions.

The GFA is a unique-in-the-nation, state-wide effort which will provide you with:

  • Multi-disciplinary training by professionals in the film, TV and new media industries.
  • In classroom course work coupled with on-set, hands-on training.
  • Opportunity to work on “real world” projects in order to develop recognized film credits, through partnerships with professional productions.
  • Hands-on instruction and training working with a package of professional equipment (cameras, sound gear, lights, etc.) as well as production trucks, generators and sound studio space.
  • One-on-one job counseling to include resume preparation, job research and job placement outreach.

What Kinds of Jobs does the GFA Training Prepare You For?

Entry-level positions both on set and in production offices.

  • On Set Production Assistant (PA)
  • Art: set dressers, props
  • Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe procedures
  • Sound: mixer, boom operator, utility
  • Camera: operator, camera assistants (1st and 2nd)
  • Electric: on-set lamp operators
  • Grip: on-set, dolly grip
  • Locations: managing
  • Craft Services
  • Script Supervision procedures
  • Video Assist
  • Office PA

Georgia Film Academy Certification
18 credit hours


  • How much does it cost?
    USG Student Cost: $125 per credit hour. No institutional fees IF students are not taking any additional courses at their home institution.
    TCSG Student Cost: $89 per credit hour plus fees.
  • Is there financial aid?
    If you are taking the class for credit through one of our partner schools there is financial aid available. Please check with the school you will take classes through for more information about what is available to you.
  • How do I enroll?
    Look at the list of schools that are offering the GFA classes. Click through the links for more information on how to enroll in the GFA classes, when courses are scheduled, dates for registration, etc.
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Who can Enroll in the Georgia Film Academy Courses? How do I Register?

You have a number of options for registering to take the GFA classes:

  • If you are already a university/college student at one of our partner schools listed below, click through the link to find out more about how you can take the GFA classes for credit at your school.
  • If you are not a college student but would like to pursue an AA or BA Degree, decide which of our partner schools below offering GFA courses is right for you, and then click through to find out information on how to apply.
  • If you are not a college student and would like to take the GFA courses just for the certification, but not for college credit, then click through to Clayton State's page. Clayton State is the only school offering a continuing education option right now.

About the Georgia Film Academy

Our courses, which are being offered through our University System of Georgia and Technical College System of Georgia partners, will provide students with extensive hands-on experience. Students will have an opportunity to network, build resumes and learn to market themselves in order to become integrated into the film industry as entry-level workers. The GFA Program will not only give you professional training in the film production crafts but an opportunity to earn credits towards your AA, AAS or BA degree!

The Georgia Film Academy is a collaborative effort of the University System of Georgia and Technical College System of Georgia supporting workforce needs of the film and digital entertainment industries. The academy will certify workforce ready employees in needed areas, connect students and prospective employees with employers, and offer a unique capstone experience for top students that will provide them a path to employment in Georgia.


Our Team

Facilities and Equipment

Equipment GFA will have at our training sites:

  • HD 4K time code camera packages including professional tripods, dolly, jib
  • Professional location sound package including digital time code recorder, shotgun and wireless microphones
  • Lighting package with tungsten, fluorescent, LED and HMI instruments, stands
  • Full grip package with stands, hardware, overheads, speed rail, flags, and nets

For Productions:

  • Fully equipped grip/electric trucks
  • Industry standard generators
  • Available fully equipped professional sound stage
  • Professional feature-film camera packages with prime lenses